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Originally Posted by Karma View Post
OK, I seem to have a habit of trying to "convince" people that they are wrong when I believe they are, particularly when I think they are over-reacting or I don't understand why they are having certain feelings towards something. Telling someone who is over-reacting that they ARE over-reacting is never a good plan, and apparently neither is telling someone "you have no reason to feel that way" or "you shouldn't feel that way".

So, how do you guys handle those situations?
If I am responding to something my husband said or did, a simple "I'm sorry, that wasn't my intention" will calm me down enough that I can be logical and I willing listen to his explaination of what he was really trying to say or his thoughts behind his actions. The thing to remember, is that "feelings" can't be dictated or controled. Our actions and how we handle the feelings is another story.

If I'm on a rant or such about someone or something else, that's a little tougher. In this case, if I'm immediately told I'm wrong, then nothing anyone else says will even be heard. However, if someone offers "This is how I see the situation", I'm usually more willing to listen, even if I still don't agree fully. However, my opinon may change after a few more hours to think about what was said.
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