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Originally Posted by lovinhimloviner View Post
As a Cub Scout leader my self I know there is still a lot of great things for boys to learn...............As a leader I can do all kinds of great things with the boys in that one hour a week, but with out the parents support it is hard to get everything done. .........
The truth is there just isn't the support for the kids to learn this type of stuff any more. Peoples lives are too busy to take their kids to scouts an hour a week.
You're correct on the 'support' problem.
And what's missed here is that the whole (or big part) of scouting is based on self interest and desire. The kids have to have that desire themself, albeit encouraged by good mentors (leaders, parents, other interested adults). A meeting or two a week cannot POSSIBLY accomplish serious forward progress, only play a supporting role.

Of course this applies more to Boy/Girl scouts than Cubs or Brownies. The whole Merit Badge program is intended for kids to pursue interests and knowledge on their own. To seek out the proper mentors that have the knowledge in the various areas. That networking itself is a valuable skill !

This is usually overlooked.
We live in a society where we expect people to "provide" for us ! If it's not handed to use on a silver tray we cry foul. It's all THEIR fault I'm a schmuck !

Don't get me going..............

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