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hi all, thanks once again.

so last night was L s overnight date with our friend. they went to a show to see our favorite musician. i actually had one of the best nights sleep since L left. my anxiety prior to her date was way more intense than the actual date time frame. i am feeling compersion on a grand scale,and feel great about feeling great. i am putting this in my lessons folder for future reference! i would like to have a way to stay connected with L while she s gone without impeding her ability to have space and time. L has a much deeper need for this than i, i recognize and respect that.

i would like to digress for a minute regarding something sage mentioned;

QUOTE=sage;62356]Being in a relationship with someone who has a DADT policy with their primary implicates her in his deception.

I think it's really good that you've identified that you need to build up some new relationships so that you aren't so emotionally dependent on your partner. But it also sounds as if you've put her on a bit of a pedestal. Your feelings are your feelings and should be validated.[/QUOTE]

i m not sure what you meant when saying i put her on a bit of a pedestal. could you be a little clearer about that? i love her tremendously and think she is one of the most wonderful people i have ever met. (most people agree)

sage, i want to thank you immensely, and being my "first responder" you have a special place in my heart. much love to you!

thank you all for your counsel. i have been lurking around this site for awhile reading and felt really comfortable opening my heart to all of you.

L returns tomorrow after 2 1/2 weeks. i will be glad to see her! i will update as things progress. please feel free to inquire of me.

i just realized this sounds like a goodbye letter and that is absolutely not the case. just a thank you at the end of the beginning of my experience.

wheew! feeling like james brown! " I FEEL GOOD!...... LIKE I KNEW THAT I WOULD!"
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