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Welcome to the club! I've been this way for years now. My wife is the talker/communicator. She is very open and social. I don't know how to introduce myself....But I'm getting better....and as I'm opening up to more and more people, the women aren't so taken aback when I ask them out. Of course, none of them have taken me up on it yet...but I'll keep asking. LOL I had one lady say "I don't think your wife would appreciate that!". I told her "You might be surprised. She's actually fine with it." So she said "Well, I don't do wives.". I smiled and said "I can respect that.". And I left it at that. Now, since this conversation, this woman has been a LOT more talkative with me. Not overly so, but more talkative for sure.

So just be more open.
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