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Originally Posted by pangino View Post
i have searched some threads, how do i search tags?
Click on the word "Search" at the top of the page. A little dialogue box will drop down. Then click on the words "Tag Search." It will take you to a new page which displays the most popular tags in a "cloud." You can either click on any of those that interest you, or you can also search for other tags using the blank field below that. When you start typing a word in that field, possible matches come up that you can click on, and then hit the search button. It will bring up all posts that have been tagged with that word or phrase, but that depends on contributors tagging posts.

The Advanced search, which you can also click on in that little drop-down box and takes you to the "Search Forums" page, searches either the title or all the text in a message (whichever you choose), not just the "Tags" field added to a post. You can also select specific forums to search.

It's also a good idea to add tags to posts you make so that others looking for similar topics can find your conversations. You can add up to five tags, using the little "Tags" field below the box where you write your message. Here again, possible matches show when you start typing, but you can add your own tags that don't already exist as well.
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