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Well think of it this way, if you can agree to disagree...can you agree with your debate adversary that he/she is wrong? No you can't. A debate cannot end with "well you are wrong and that is it." So I would say-and my love
2Rings argues a point to death. There is no simple, agree to disagree with him- if it is an important issue, and you and your SO are not seeing eye to eye, and compromise is your best bet...YOUR mannerism should be more diplomatic. You should never go into a negotiation without good faith or respect for the other side's opinion. Just because you have a different perspective, does not make another's POV wrong. SHouting, demeaning an emotion or POV is not productive. As amatter of fact, I have learned recently to change my tactics in an argument. Not necessarily to win (although that is ALWAYS bonus) but rather to minimize the discord. I HATE for an argument to linger and fester all kinds of other relationship viruses!
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