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You're forgiven Mr Rusty

I agree with everything Nycindie has said. There maybe some monos who stay with their polys out of fear (although personally I think it would just be too uncomfortable) but the ones I communicate with on the polymono board and here are largely in their relationships because they serve them very well.

Some of us do work hard, especially initially but often something that is hard work is appreciated all the more.

I agree with Nycindie also in that there are different issues on both sides and while my end was probably more "sticky" in the beginning I no longer think that's the case. My polymono relationship has enabled me to grow to the point where I am really, really happy and content within it. My partner is also very happy but he still has to contend with being parted from his OSO most of the time and I know he misses her. He has a need to push himself forward towards new relationships which can be fun and exciting but can also be draining. I honestly wouldn't trade.
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