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Originally Posted by polycouple View Post
Yep, we lived together for six years. I pursued my dream school in another state. So now we live two hours away from each other now, and we see each other 1-2 times month. He's mentioned that he would like us both to have someone more available for each of us. He does not like being alone. He always likes to have people around. I personally, do not feel like I have the time or energy to find an intimate connection with someone, but I would certainly invite one if it were to come about, so I am open to it!

Have you moved yet? How far away do you live from him?
I havent moved yet, but I will be very soon. I will be about 14 hours away so it will be more like a couple times a year instead of a month. I am like you and will be very busy and not necessarily looking, due to lack of time or energy, when I go.
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