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Originally Posted by Ceoli View Post
Even when a couple invites a third in to be a complete equal, there are inherent imbalances that exist. If the couple has been together a number of years they have made all sorts of decisions about the life they've built that the third would not have had a voice in. It would be a case of trying to fit an outside element into something already established. I respect that for some people that's not an issue at all, and they would be able to pick up from wherever they were at.
What you say here does make a good deal of sense, and has much truth in it, but I don't think that the fact that a couple has already "built a life together" (to paraphrase) necessitates that that life can't be happily begun anew, and freshly, with the addition of another. To do so would, of course, involve extraordinary people. But there are extraordinary people about. And being such a person, yourself, you might try to remain open to their magnatism.
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