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Originally Posted by pangino View Post
thank you all for you responses. these are very valid points made by all of you. we are revisiting the ethics issue when she returns. although his wife is not a part, this person is part of a very large group of friends, so the ramifications of discovery are exponential.

does anyone have suggestions regarding old boyfriends,contact policies that are fair to both parties?
when your revisit I do hope you do so with some knowledge... I really hope you read the threadsI suggest via the tag search I suggest. I hate to see people get hurt needlessly. Everyone will in this case... four hearts on the line here I think.

I think any boundaries you have around exs should be your own. When I went to my high school reunion a few summers back I went and broke the boundaries I had with PN, mostly because we didn't discuss them fully and things came up that we didn't expect... It was a learning curve and while I would do things differently now I think it was all important and I have no regrets. It was a bit of a turning point for me about how I view sex and connection. A painful one, but necessary.

You could do a search for boundaries and rules, exs and see what you find.
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