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Originally Posted by lovinhimloviner View Post
As a Cub Scout leader my self I know there is still a lot of great things for boys to learn. This year last year was the 100th birthday for scouting. They have re done our scouting books and change some things up a little. It seems to be focusing mainly on respect, decisions and knowledge. As a leader I can do all kinds of great things with the boys in that one hour a week, but with out the parents support it is hard to get everything done. I have a younger group and can't wait for them to get to the point where they are doing really cool stuff. A good foundation is needed in any part of our lives so that is what we are doing now.

The truth is there just isn't the support for the kids to learn this type of stuff any more. Peoples lives are too busy to take their kids to scouts an hour a week.
Very true. I was a leader all through cubscouts. It was a lot of work. The two nearest boyscout troops to us are both 30-45 minute drives away. The meetings are 2 hours long. So that's a 4 hour evening for us. One meets on Tuesdays, the other on Thursdays.
It's not something we can do as a family, because we can't get home til nearly 11pm. Our 3 year old HAS to be in bed before that or she'd make hell for all of us. The 10 year old who would be doing the scouting in the first place, SHOULD be in bed before that.
Not to mention dinner, there is no time to make a dinner before scouting, there's no food at the meeting-so that means leaving there and scarfing fast food for him once a week.

It's a bummer.
I looked up starting a new scout troop or doing his scout stuff as an individual except for the bigger weekend events, which he could do with the groups. But that wasn't an option.
Furthermore, both groups have primarily highschool boys and no middle school boys-so he feels totally out of touch with them and isn't interested in "hanging out" with them.

While I don't mind being a supportive scout parent, it sure would be nice if it were possible for the weekly meetings if we could switch off with another family to take both boys. But-there aren't any.
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