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The journey I'm now on is simple. Perhaps not easy, but simple. I have known emersion in the eternal love-joy-bliss of what some call "spirit," some call "God-realization," and others know by infinite other names -- which do not concern me (I despise all theology!). But momentary emersion in such "states," though they may illuminate, can only cause what we may call homesickness in those who have been dipped into these momentary experiences only to find themselves shipwrecked in what appears to be radically other -- what appears to be homelessness.

To know from memory (as contrasted with present-moment experience) that infinite love permeates the very heart of existence is ... a paltry thing.

And I am human, and my obvious task is to live what I have been touched by at the "innermost" heart of my heart -- for I live in forgetting, as perhaps most of us do.

This living of this truth I've tasted and which has shipwrecked me means eschewing all false gifts and hopes that keep my hands too full to receive the deeper message of these now past experiences. So it's a paring down and paring back process. Self importance must go, but with precision -- the precision which allows also, self love, and in terms of my uniqueness, my individuality, my personhood. I know this -- but not enough, not deeply enough. Not enough to have a full and infinite breath.

We who have been rocked by the Universe, touched by some Mysterious Infinite, need take care that we don't become inflated by this gift. We need to realize both sides of humility (to be neither too important or special nor too little) all the way into the heart of our hearts. There are only gifts on this poor, poor Earth. All are welcome. All are love. The Teacher is Everywhere.
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