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My wife and I have been married for six years. It is the second for both. I am 58 and she is 43. We had been together for 12 years before we got married and many of the years we were together, even while still married to others, we cheated on one another. This may sound strange but I actually always enjoyed the sexual parts of her affairs but hated the lying and BS that went with it. I also cheated on her but can't say I really enjoyed it too much for the same reasons. Cheating sucks because of the dishonesty, not the sex.

Last year, with my support and encouragement, we decided she could do anything she wanted. At first it was just going to be sex, we even did swinging together but found it to be soul-less. She now has three lovers. I know them all and even play golf with one of them. She is not ready for me to have other loves too but I don't mind. I can't begin to tell you how free I feel now that I have shed the green-eyed monster. We are more deeply in love than ever, so much so that I am not threatened by her increasing closeness and familiarity with her other men.

I love seeing her this happy and I really love being this free. We have incredible sex and she is always solicitous of my feelings and especially affectionate. She says she hopes to get to the place I am, too, but I told her no rush. I don't really know if I want another relationship. I definitely don't need one.
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