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Default "How to light a fire" or "Finding your tent stakes with a cell phone display"

I'm re-posting this link for two reasons: Its principles lie at the very root of Scouting in the United States and, more to the point, it is fun.

Folklore is defined as artistic communication in small groups. Folklore, of any kind, is dualistic: conservative, yet dynamic. The future for Scouting seems to fall subject to this. How does Scouting conserve its primary, historical ethical principles while dynamically moving into the 21st century so as to remain a viable resource for empowering young people?

I expect that it will be a combination of organic development and forced social change. The fear, for those of us who know the benefits of Scouting, is that it will hold so closely to its conservative principles that it will in effect become out of touch and obsolete.

Sounds challenging, at best. How does one teach young people about solid fuel combustion (campfire) and culinary artistry (foil dinners) through a blog, tweet, post, thread, or text?
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