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Originally Posted by Derbylicious View Post
I honestly didn't read any of it as negative yesterday. You help me to think about why I want to do things (or why I might not want to). Plus we all have bad days where we just feel like grouching.
well it was more the other stuff I said via message that I felt bad about... I can be so sarcastic sometimes and I know it doesn't come across as joking even if I say it is. It's usually my attempt to lighten the mood in MY life, but sometimes it comes across as condescending and doesn't respect the readers process and feelings. Not my intent, but is how it comes across. I'm glad you know me well enough to know that, but it still doesn't make it okay. I need to find ways to lighten the mood in my life without being sarcastic on line. Still working on that and am aware of it...
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