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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
Children are not near so simple. A lot of people think they are becasue they don't take the time to really communicate with them. They have future concerns just like adults. The scope of them is just different.

I am glad you have such a solid understanding of what love is to you though my friend..that must be a nice feeling
We have messed up our children. They are smarter much sooner because of exposure.. But are they happier? We rob them of their innocence.

We rob ourselves of our own innocence.

I am talking True Nature.. not Socially & Parental programmed nature.

We begin by teaching them to WORRY.. Consciously or unconsciously.. They learn from us. Are not born with a Training Manual.

We change their true nature. We need to learn from them, unlearn what we have learnt so that we can go back to our true nature.

Do you even realize that the child does not know how to identify ITSELF by its OWN NAME.

We TEACH the child to RESPOND to the "NAME".

You are "NAME".
Child: "My name is NAME".

That is the beginning of the Ego. The mind.. and the separateness..

Then entire life is lived in building up this ego as the society programs us and wants us to do.

Children smile a lot.. At times for no REASON. It could be as simple as the sun shining, feeling a cooling breeze, a splash of water...


Not bound by Societies parameters & programming of what should make you happy and what should not..

When we go back to that source... That is true happiness.. Does not come from the outside... Not from anyone else... Not even from the "I" or the "ego".

From within...

Master says... Innocence & Smile of a Child, Awareness & Responsibility of an Adult .

Sign off with this song I remember...

"...The return to your Self, Return to Innocence" - Enigma.

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