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My husband was the first one in our relationship to fall in love with someone. Even though he knows in his head that I am not going any where and will always love him, he still has a hard time with me being open to a relationship with someone else. He knows it isn't rational but he can't help what he is feeling. He doesn't want to know anything except the important things. He also doesn't like to talk about much. I have been bringing it up more so that he talks about it. The more he opens up the more he will become comfortable and secure in this life.

The way I feel is the opposite of the way he feels. When i see them together I have this wonderful feeling of happiness and love wash over me. I want to know what goes on with them. What I had to work on was realizing that while I am his wife it is their relationship. She is a private person but they are very good at making sure I know what is going on with them. I talk to both of them and have an awesome time hanging out with her.

At this point in our relationship I don't know if I would actually follow my heart if I were to find someone. I don't think at this point he could handle it. We have agreed on me starting to date. I have yet to even do that even though I would love to. I know I need to take that first step but I don't want to rush him. He has to figure out how to understand his emotions and learn to deal with them.
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