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What is our true nature?

As children did we every hold on to Old issues or worry about the Future?
Children live in the Moment. In the present...

They have within them always the following energies naturally (unless ofcourse exceptional circumstances)..
- Love - Natural affinity & curiosity for most things, people etc.
- Peace - Always at peace
- Joy - Always have a smile on their faces.. Even if they cry or get upset.. They forget about it soon.. Or its realy easy to move them forward to the next moment.. even if they get hurt..(fall down etc).. We can call it distracting them from injury but really.. The physical pain might still be there.. But..

They DO NO IDENTIFY with it.. They move forward past those moments..

That is our TRUE NATURE. Within us..

Its these moments we seek.. in everything we do. Anything & everythin enjoyable is about getting IMMERSED.. INTO THAT MOMENT.. No past or future.

Love, Sex, Orgasm, Beauty, Art, Music, Dance, Children, Playing, Sports, Meditation etc..

When we are lost in that moment, living completely... we do not think past or future..

Its the past or future thoughts that bring misery.

Expectations of how something SHOULD BE.. v/s HOW IT IS.. brings misery.

What I am trying to get to is... When you are FREE to BE.. YOU.. without having to BEND to or CHANGE to or CATER to.. Someone elses boundaries or expecataions.. or behaviors.. Non judgementally completely accepting & accepted.

Even in the notion of love.. with someone..

Try & remember how you felt.. best times... & worst times in a relationship..

Its when you cant BE.. because someone wants you to be a certain way... or you are in automatic inner conflict because you're stopping yourself from BEING.. to PLEASE someone else's Need & Expectation.

Isnt this why, initially people are in love (or think they are in love.. because they are just BEING & ACCEPTING & consc expands).. they ACCEPT people as THEY ARE.. completely.. and then when the CONSC contracts.. they start to nit pick the other...
labeling & judging.. and later even being hard on yourself & judging..

Where is the love & where is the freedome to BE and Let BE?

I dont know if you get my notion of Love? This is what I know is LOVE.
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