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hi sage, thanks. so right now my partner L is on a 2 1/2 week trip to visit family and friends, many being old BFs. she is also meeting our friend i referred to in my intro for an overnight date. i love our friend. he is kind gentle and sexy as hell. he s also married to a woman who is unaware of our/their relationship. L and i have discussed this aspect and agree it is not right, how can dishonesty be right. this is a relatively new relationship this is her third get together with him, the 3 of us have been together twice. we decided to revisit this after her trip. right now NRE is kinda running things. before she left we talked about this, and i thought it was unrealistic in view of their attraction to each other to promise to abstain. as i wrote that i m asking myself is really unrealistic? the ethical aspect bothers me. the NRE thrills us both. so that s 1 aspect.
the next 1, not necessarily in order of importance would be my fear of losing my relationship with L. she asked me what i feared the most, what s the worst that could happen? losing you i said. she said that could happen any time in everyday life, she could meet someone any time or an accident or who knows what the future holds. 98% of the time i can think of that and be fine. but every once in a while it grabs me and shakes me. sorry for being so long winded. thanks again questions and comments hoped for.
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