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Default Girls and girls and more girls....

I have mentioned in another thread of the onslaught of ridiculous relationship My Bf and I have been in. I want to mention some of them here sort of as a reference point for what we have dealt with. I am going to break my own TMI rules here. LOL. Since I screen women and have Veto power, I really feel obligated to explain that I am not being jealous, I am truly doing this out of concern, so I hope this helps. I am only listing a couple of them, cuz I dont have all day. LOL.

Our first:
We will call her JJ. We were both in a relationship with her. OMG she was something else. Hot little blonde, A real giver if you get my drift. We all hung out together or separately, or what ever, it didn't matter we were all happy and it was all good. We had met her mother who was fine with our arrangement and actually encouraged it, all was freaking amazing... mind blowingly awesome, for about 3 months. Then one day, JJ called me crying.
She had been lying to us the WHOLE time. not just little lies mind you. BIG ones. for starters, her name was not JJ it was something else entirely. She was ONLY 16. Her mother had just lost custody of her for pimping her out to older men at bars. (her mother btw, lied to us about her age and name also)
Wost of all She was pregnant. Likely my BF's. Her mom had taught her how to poke holes in the condoms with a needle so they would break during use. And that did happen a couple times. My BF and I were in our early 20's at the time and she had told us she was 19. We believed her. She was never in school, she had a job, etc.. she was um... Very mature... Why wouldn't we believe her?
Childrens Services grilled her about who the dad was so she had to tell them. HAPPILY, she admitted to lying about her age, or else he would probably still be in jail right now and considered a sex offender. Turns out the baby was his and we tried to get custody when it was taken away from this girl, but no lawyer would touch it. So he has an 8yr old kid out there that he never sees but has to pay child support too. Because of the original situation, he cant get visitation either.

So that was our first time. Horrid learning experience that outed us, caused huge drama with both our families, and made us realize, we need to be more careful, and make rules or boundaries.

Another one I will share is a girl I'll call L. He met her on myspace. She was really pretty. and seemed nice, but in this case, was still upset about JJ and wasn't interested. We were VERY cautious of unexpected pregnancies at this time so Right away my bells and whistles were going off about her when she said she couldn't have kids. She was in her early 20's. and claimed to have uterine cancer. At that time, not previously. now I am no expert, but she didn't seem the least bit sick, and wouldn't it hurt to get laid with a situation like that? I honestly dont know. About a month later, she was being accepted into the Navy. WTF? I am pretty sure there are rules about health screening for the military.... anyhow, she ended up lying about alot of things, stealing money etc... and was upset I didn't want her because she wanted me and him both. So yeah, long story short, that didn't work out either.

So these are just a couple of the weird ones we have dealt with, there are many more, thus my need for caution. I am truly only interested in not having more chaos in our lives. Its not a jealousy thing I promise. =)
I have found the paradox, that if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love.
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