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The lack of sleep could be a lot of things; time of year, relationships, kids, job, death, losing your book (I'm glad you found it btw!). I decided to look on my troubles more wholistically and not take one thing and microscopically disect it. It seems to be working for me, maybe it will for you.

I don't know what makes you think you left a bad impression with the gf. She hasn't reached out to you and does poly very differently to you it seems. I think she just is kind of doing her own thing no? She likley doesn't think of you at all except in terms of when she can spend time with your husband. Some people just aren't all that interested in strong friendships with their metamours.

The two of you are so different, I'm not sure why pursuing anything more is such a priority. Is it because you want a family type of poly? If so then I think, from what I know, she isn't your gal. Your hubby needs to find one that is just kidding! Of course I haven't stepped up to the plate. Maybe you need another partner too?
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