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Originally Posted by Derbylicious View Post
I've been noticing that there are an awful lot of poly-connected people in the military. Do you think it's because those in the military and those who are in relationship with them are "taught" to be more self sufficient rather than co-dependant? You kind of have to learn who you are and what you want when you're faced with being away from a loved one for long periods of time.
Good points Derby,

I too have seen a lot of open style relationships among the military. I do agree that the self sufficiency mentality pretty much HAS to come with that life and must play a part. I also think it's a subculture where everyone is frequently facing the same hurdles, talk about how to leap them and come up with acceptable solutions.
I've seen many relationships we'd call just more 'open' and many FWB situations. Everyone understands why they are important and most caring people I think would prefer their loved one to not have to suffer loss of affection (including sex) in their absence. It's a loving gesture and really, only common sense.
So many of these truly did have poly potential before the term and lifestyle surfaced into the greater public. And if you think about it, it's sad, because if the choice had been known I think there could have been some wonderful poly families develop. As it is, there are some but they are forced to keep a low profile because of military rules regarding perceived 'misconduct'.

Interesting post !

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