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thanks vodkafan, fidelia for your responses. I think the trust issue hits the nail on the head. I'm having trouble trusting 100% what I'm told but thats because of shading of the truth omission of facts. I dont trust the bf. We had two face to face meetings. Both unplanned on my part. The first meeting they showed up at my office saying they wanted to park wife's car.
No big deal but after more conversation things they said did'nt add up. If it had been me I just would have said something like might well get this out of the way... overall alike weird but I wrote it off to the situation. Later I viewed it as some sort of recon mission. Second meeting was at a party at a friends home which I had know idea he and his wife were going to be there until I was walking up to the house. This event started off harmless enough until I made a joke about myself and he thought he would funny to pile on. Now I have extremely thick skin so anyone of my friends or even my employee could have said the same thing and I would have laughed. I didn't I guess I shot him a look that scared my wife into jumping in and changing the topic. I did say something like " thats alittle personal for somebody I just met. The vibe I got is he had read my file so to speak and I was flying blind. Bottom line nothing to date has significantly changed my mind.
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