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Default FNG with questions

hello I'm just another FNG with roughly 1000 questions. Back story is married 15 yrs 2 kids, house, dog, etc... about 7-8 months I was reluctantly pushed into this lifestyle. It seems I was sold one thing and I really have'nt realized the benefits yet. Like I said I have lots of questions. 1. about how long down this path will I see something positive for me and the rest of the family? 2. Have you seen situations where someone really likes aspects of their life and instead of ending a relationship and starting over which maybe hard, they use poly as a way to transition to something else? I not sure I trust what I'm being told. At the very least her actions are somewhat disconnected from her words. Well 997 to go thank for giving us a place to at least organize our thoughts let alone draw from each others experiences .
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