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Tonberry, I did answer, I started the thread...
It was just a moment of playfulness.

For me a person needs to be earn my friendship before I consider them as a potential lover. Some friends are made with people whom I am attracted to-they have a chance to become more. Some friends are made with people whom I'm not attracted to, so there never is a chance that they will become more.

Either way-a stranger isn't a potential lover for me; for a variety of reasons the least of which isn't that I have herpes and it's not something I want to share with Mr. X the first day I meet him; but I absolutely will not have sex with someone, even with protection, without them knowing ALL about it.

Additionally, I have children, having worked as a stripper for 4 years, I'm well aware of the risks that Mr. X could end up being Mr. Psycho murderer and if they are; they are a danger to my children as well.

Sidenote, one a person makes it to my inner circle of friends, they are a friend for life. The amount of day to day involvement can vary significantly through the years, but they're in for life. So, all of my exes, remain friends.
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