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I believe you should screen anyone that is going to be impacting your life to any great level. Whilst the occasional uncomfortable morning isn't too big a drama, doing it every weekend isn't worth it for you. You may want to give people more time than looking at a dating profile though, if that's how you're screening.

Going by the girls I've metwho are purely interested in me.... they either don't think about the other woman (IF I SQUEEZE MY FACE UP LIKE A LEMON SHE DOESN'T EXIST) or think that the relationship must be close to over, so I'd say it's a fairly common thing.

I guess if it's too hard to find someone that is compatible with everyone involved you can either lower you standards and deal with that, or keep waiting (perhaps forever) for the unicorn. Educating people over the long term is another option, someone at first might be all "no way would I do that", but if they are compatible with you it might be worth trying to convince them over time about the lifestyle, it has a lot of logical things going for it.

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