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Originally Posted by ImaginaryIllusion View Post
Either way, the key distinction between polygamy and polyamory at a basic level will be that polygamy is dealing in multiple spouses, regardless of legality, recognitions, or cause.
I think most here understand what polygamy is, I just feel that polyamory covers polygamy under its scope. They aren't separate, it's similar to something like poly fidelity being a subset of polyamory. People may not want to associate polyamory with polygamy for various political reasons, but until the the definition of polyamory changes or adds some limiters it's fairly obvious (to me anyhow) polygamy is a form of polyamory.

I've even seen people here and in other poly circles eagerly awaiting the results of the polygamy trials to see if it will affect them (how could it affect them if what they were doing wasn't related?).

In reality, polyamory is too broad a term and doesn't explain much about a relationship or what you're into really. It can easily confuse someone if you say you're polyamorous because you're instantly related to every single fringe relationship type that exists if they do some research.

Due to the current small size of the poly movement we would lose a lot of power if we started splintering into our own subsections and started fighting purely for them, I would think?
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