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I think that the pace of the slowest should be set in terms of a marked attempt to move forward. Stalling and avoiding are not options. If a break is taken then it needs to be determined for how long. Even if at the end of it another break is taken after the issue is discussed again.

Knowing what is going on for a person who is going at a slower pace is essential for the others involved. Its hard to empathize and be patient with a wall.

I really like xeromags rights. Its some of franklins best work for sure. The right to NRE is especially notable to me at this moment. It makes me realize that I would add to my list the same for mono/poly relationships in terms of rights for polys. Polys deserve the right to their NRE (within reason). I would add for monos the right to fun times, touch and tenderness. Sometimes a mono (and any partner experiencing a partners NRE) gets left out and abandoned temporarily for others. While its exciting to experience NRE, a mono won't have that in the same way again with their partner. They have the right to be empathized with and be involved in some of that energy in a way they think is appropriate.
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