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Originally Posted by g71 View Post

I am seeking a bit of a unicorn myself...

I am a single mom that has just turned 40. I have a daughter 14, sons 12, 10 1/2 and 9.

I have never legally married.

I was the second wife in a relationship for almost 10 years. The other wife was the legal one.

My experience in the poly community is that it consists mainly of couples who are already married.

I am seeking a situation where I can have a legal wedding, baby (in wedlock not out) before it's too late, benefits, etc.

So unicorn right?

Thanks for any feedback or advice.

what does it matter if a child is born out of wedlock(not condoning teen sex though).... a peice of paper does not mean your married.... its whats in the hearts of the people that spend their lives together. Its between them and the Creator.
A baby born into this world is a wonderful thing.... and should not matter if he/she is born in or out of wedlock. Benefits... hmm not to be rude but it sounds as if your looking for a legal contract so to speak. Not for love.. but for the benefits of carrying the last name of the man your with.

I dont know if you know this or not..... but if you spend a certain amout of time with a person..... then your legally married by common law.. which in some states is just as good as going and getting a peice of paper. Look up common law marriage to see what im referring to. Again.. im not meaning to be rude... I just read your post and it sounded kind of strange. To have such desires as that... while wanting a poly relationship to.
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