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TRYING to sit here and mind my own business.

His last GF who was said she was fine about the poly, (till it was my turn oddly) and then ditched him, has called back. She caused him soooo much pain. And its not like I was demanding either. I know about NRE. I stepped aside for a week and would have longer except I was going to busy busy busy for a bit and asked he spend one day with me. She completely flipped out. She is one I did NOT screen because I knew her through other freinds and didn't feel I had to worry. >_<

The thing is I really liked her. Alot. I had very high hopes for the two of them. I guess I am hurting a bit too, but not as much as he has. and I am fiercely protective of him.

Since I am about to move, I am especially worried he will turn to some random floosy in order to fill that void. I was soooo happy when he met her. I want him to be with someone especially now, so he had someone to turn to after I leave. Maybe make my leaving less painful for him.

I hope they can over come their differences, and I hope that she can accept that I will always be in the picture, where ever I am at. I will eventually be coming home after all.

But at the same time, I have already lost the trust I had for her, and its hard for me to not want to tear her throat out with my teeth. LOL.

No real questions here. I'm just highly irritated at the moment.
I have found the paradox, that if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love.
~ Mother Teresa
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