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Originally Posted by sage View Post
As the mono in my relationship it was fairly easy for me to work out a basic set of principles or rights for monos in polymono relationships, but I would be really interested to know what expectations polys have of their partners and of themselves towards their partners?

Do you think these are different if your relationship is polymono or pure poly? Do you treat your partners differently if they are poly but between relationships?

What was it that you came up with as far as rights go? I think it might depend on what a person thinks is a right as opposed to a requesting a need be addressed and respected. I can attempt answering though...

I expect respect of my space, privacy, time, goals. I expect that I be communicated to with honestly, tact and much emotional content. I expect that my partners have integrity and are noble. I expect that I am considered before any decisions are made that will effect me even remotely. I expect faithfulness; my poly includes this consideration until otherwise negotiated.

Yes, I think there are differences between monopoly and poly relationships in terms of expectations. I expect Mono to attempt to understand me in a way that PN doesn't need to because he gets poly. I expect that Mono will compromise as much as I do in order to at least achieve some kind of viable balance for us both.

Hope that is a start...
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