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I call my husband, Maca, "honey" or "M". I introduce him as my husband or his given name.

I call my boyfriend, GG, "M'ebe". I introduce him as my boyfriend or his given name.

I call Mimi my sister. I introduce her as my sister. (she's part of our poly-quad-family, but she's not sexually involved with any of us).

Our kids:
I call Spicy Pea "idjet" (been her nickname since she was born).
I call Salty Pea "D" (cause that's what the baby calls him and it's cute).
I call Sweet Pea "sweet pea" or "my sexy baby" (cause when he was 2-3 he thought it wasn't fair I said his daddy was sexy)
I call Sour Pea "love bug" or "baby".

"Love As Thou Wilt"
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