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I have been reading alot here and I am seeing alot of something that is disturbing to me. I am not sure exactly where to post this so I thought I would just include it here in my blog.

There seem to be alot of people who either have Bipolar or think they have Bipolar Disorder. This worries me.

Bipolar is real no doubt about that, it is a very serious issue and kudo's to people who struggle with it on a daily basis, it cant be easy to go through life like that. The strides they make to overcome their issues are something we should all be aware of and also be proud of them for doing so.

That being said, I think alot of times, especially in the US, Bipolar is overly diagnosed incorrectly. A blanket Dx if you will. It seems that anytime some one exhibits an extreme emotion, one way or the other or both, it is to often assumed that person has bipolar. The thing to remember that Emotions are real. We all have them to varying degrees. Dont be afraid of them. Dont be afraid to allow yourself to FEEL something. If you are not feeling the anger and the hurting and the disappointment, you are not likely to feel the the happiness and the excitement also. Just because a person is extremely upset, doesn't make them bipolar. On the flip side of that, how often does anyone assume some one is bipolar when they are extremely happy? Pretty much never.

I know that when we are hurting, we want to assign reason, we want it to go away... Dont jump immediately to pills to fix this. There will be alot of ups and downs sudden ones even. Especially with emotions of the heart. Allow yourself to naturally go through these emotions, and yes it takes time. Some longer than others. Rely on positive communication, and friends who you can trust. Rely on yourself! Tell yourself, "Today may suck... but it wont always be this way..." give yourself permission to have a bad day. The good days will come again soon enough.

With out the darkness, we would never recognize the light for the beauty that it is. With all my dark days, and I have had MANY of them, I wouldn't give them up for the world. I know all that pain I have risen from, is part of what makes me who I am today. And I am pretty dang awesome!

If you really feel that you are experiencing a medical issue though, by all means seek help. Dont use MY opinion as an excuse to avoid any potential serious issues. I'm just a random chic who sits on her computer all day.

I hope this wasn't offensive, I have no intention for it to be.
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