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Default marriage evolved into polamory

I am new to this blog, so let me explain our situation. My wife and I have been married for 16 years and have two children, I have always felt that I was a little inadequate in the sex dept. I felt like I wasn't fulfilling her like she wanted, so I brought up the idea of bringing another guy into the relationship to satisfy her. Well she found a guy on the internet and we ended up meeting for dinner and hit it off and got together for a threesome, she really enjoyed it. We had set some ground rules before hand about it being for sex only, but after about three meetings she told me she had really connected with him and had feelings for him. I was upset at first, she kept saying she loved me in one way and loved him in another, but that she had enough love for both of us and I would always come first. She see's him every other weekend, for the first couple of months I contemplated on whether I could handle this or not, I am not a jealous person by nature so I thought sharing her might work out, but I spent alot of sleepless nights pondering on it. Now it has been going on for about a year, and I have to say our relationship has grown immensely, our communication has never been better and we have a bond like I have never felt before. We have even had her boyfriend over for some family get togethers,though as far as the family knows he is just a friend. This is a little of the story of how we got in polyamory.
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