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Thanks for checking out my blog. After certain observations over the last few days I have decided to open it up further. Initially I thought it was just monos that needed "a place" but now I'm thinking that both monos and polys in mono/poly relationships need somewhere specific to help with understanding.

Mr Rusty's comment came in the middle of this so I was a bit fire up I admit. Still, how can we have a life love based on "willpower"? We have to at least be working towards genuine understanding.

I have read some of your blog over the last few days and it made me quite sad. I felt it was all a bit personal to comment on and I wasn't 100% sure I had it right. From what I observed Mono has come to terms with your closed polyamory tribe (for want of a better label) but not the concept that for you polyamory means freedom of the heart to be continuously open. Is that right?

As for "how have I come to understanding", that's a good question and not one that I can just churn out a neat little answer. It begs deep thought and a blog post I think, but the starting point is a genuine desire to understand the person you love born out of the love you feel for them. I think you also have to accept that in the process of understanding you will be changed. You have to believe that is possible and be OK with it.
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