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@Sage- I looked at your blog. Really good to know of a place where monos can read a personal story and thoughts on mono/poly relationships. Well done, I really enjoyed it.

I don't see the offense either although I could see how someone could. I guess I just don't think it was meant to be condescending. I guess if the author wants to clarify then that will be the only way to find out. I saw it as that they we're being empathetic towards monos and the struggle they have. Maybe I just use *bless them* differently? I dunno.

I am interested in your last comments on how you have come to a place of understanding. Mono hasn't at all and if you have neen reading along about our lives together you will know the compromises we have both made. I would love to know what you have learned. It might help us. Maybe here isn't the place, but on my blog would be good. He is staying and so am I and we are definitey trusting in our love at this point. Always have really.

Sorry for the hijack folks.
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