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Thanks everyone for your thoughts... Lots of good points made!

I am bi-curious (both my wife and i r) but if my friend is not into that i am ok with it! We are ONLY looking for a triad out this deeper friendship and will talk to him about everything we are feeling for him! My wife wants to be with my friend and i at the same time (3way, hate that and if he is not ok with that we will not go further. Like my wife stated: But I don't think you have to be bi to be with the same lady at once... ? You can be in a mfm triad and do not have to be bi... We sent him an email today, little details...and will talk to him in person when we can meet up with him. We told him to take his time with the email and if he does not want to meet up this wkend and just talk then we can wait (no rush for us). We will be straight to the point about our thoughts (including him with us 2 in bed and etc) with him and see what he states. If he only wants to be with my wife or I then we will not go any further like i stated (my wife agreed with me when we talked). We are a close group and love him around your family and feel very safe when he is hang out with our daughter. My wife and i have talked about this for the last 4 days and i think we have talked about every that has been posted. I (my wife too) do not want to get our hopes up to high and if he is not into this at all then we will be ok with it! He is the only guy we would want with us in a triad (3way)... If this does not work out then we would like to find another couple slowly down the road.

Thanks again everyone! I think we have enough info for a Wonderful site! My wife and i are happy to take the next step even if it is not with my good friend.
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