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Originally Posted by ladyslipper View Post
Great advice nycindie, thank you so much. We have decided to go this route with a short e-mail to prepare him for a discussion we hope to have when he is ready.

Mr. Ladyslipper is not keen on me having a separate fling with the 3rd and I've always wanted two at once anyway. We hope he will be open to both of us together. The nature of our friendship has this type of balance among all three of us so we are optimistic it could move to the next level that way.
Hi, glad to be of some help. Okay, I'm still not clear about how you two want to be involved, and I hope you don't mind my asking again. It is clear that you want a threesome (for lack of a better word) together, but does that mean your husband Mr. Ladyslipper will also be physically intimate with this third person, or just present while you are with him? I am asking not for prurient interest, but to stress how important it is -- for your friend -- for you both to be clear about what it is you want. He may be interested in one of those options but not the other. You don't have to answer me on this, but be sure to be upfront and specific when you communicate to him. Of course, it's obvious that it's more than just the sex that you want in the relationship, but it's important to get that part across very clearly.
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