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Has anyone else been in this situation? Mono to a poly partner, and forced to be away from them for months at a time due to other obligations? I could use some insight. I don't know how to explain where my head is at right now. I feel foolish for feeling neglected. How is my wife supposed to "pay attention to me" from 2500 miles away while I'm at sea on a submarine?
Who can I feel like she is distracted? Simply because her e-mails are short? It makes me feel like I'm a head-case, that I'm chasing shadows, or that maybe I'm just not cut out for sharing her heart with someone else. Or her time.
But then in the same breath, I don't want her sitting there miserable, pining away for me and waiting for me to call/write. Then again, that is exactly what I want. It makes NO SENSE.
Maybe I just need to go lift something heavy over and over again until I collapse. Idle hands, muddled mind.
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