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Originally Posted by Laylah View Post
well i guess im alittle more blunt on such things and am not shy...In this situation.. I suppose you kinda need to tiptoe through the tulips so to speak on it... as to not run the person off lol. I think i'd just say what you want... and explain its not a swinging thing at all. seeing as how you guys have been friends forever and a day... I bet 9 times outta 10 they've had that thought to... and been to shy to say something about it. Maybe they would be releived someone did. You never know till you try.
Thanks for your thoughts Laylah and Redpepper. I am the husband I have wanted to bring a couple and/or another person (MFM and FMF) into our family for many years. I thought of my good friend (over 20yrs) a couple of wks ago but did not say anything to my wife. She started to think about him as a 3way last wk (or so) but did not know how to tell (we are very in tune to each other ). On Sat morning she opened up to me while we were laying in bed, we have had only 4 days to sink in everything (over We both have deep feelings for him (turns of on, not all sex part) and like that he is a solo kind of guy (needs his place and space a lot). He came over on Sat night (it was planned before both my wife and i talked) and we tried to talk about it but everything was still so new to us (no time to have a deep talk with my wife and I alone). My thought (knowing him so well) was to email him a simple message (not to much info, just a right amount) and state that we want to come over to his house this wkend and talk about our feelings for him. Maybe not stay to long so he can think about it after we leave. I just dont want to stop over at his place and then bring up the subject (no warning about the subject), corner him in and no place to go. I think this might work well but we have never done this before.
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