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Ok so if my Picture doesn't give it away, I am monoconfused, that profile and the name that came with it, was made at a time when I was not in a very good place, along with the initial post. Ordinarily I try to be a very rational person and lately I have not been. I am trying to deal with all of this without loosing my identity. So I have chosen a name that makes me feel like myself.

First of all thank you all for your help and support. I am dealing with this as best I can, although lately I have not been as rational as I like to be, like I said. I'm not sure how I can handle some of the specific issues I am having with them being together. Although I am doing ok dealing with the larger issue of them caring for each other. I guess now I have to deal with the specific things that would happen as a result of that.

As I said in the beginning the whole concept of poly is very foreign to me. In fact other than the stereotypes that I grew up with of Mormons having more than one wife (I was raised Mormon); this whole concept was introduced to me by my wife when we started dating and I met her mom, dad, and moms bf all at the same time. And believe me the irony of the fact that I was raised Mormon but I am having a hard time dealing with multiple relationships is not lost on me.

I'm not sure how or what the protocol would be on talking to a couple of you individually you seem to have been in a very similar situation to what I am going through and would love some more targeted advice. This is incredibly difficult for me and I don't think I can do this alone. But everyone else I have talked to, to include professional counselors have insisted that something is wrong and that fixing is needed. One even called her a sex addict. I guess the fact that it bothers me that someone would say that says something about my ability to deal with this, but at the same time I struggle every day. And my struggling has put a strain on my marriage, something I am not willing to give up for anything in the world
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