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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
what you are going to offer him is called a "triad." I suggest that you do a search in the tags for "triad" and "vee" to see the difference, because it sound like you are really offering him a vee... with you being the hinge...

The situation you are describing is the best place to start a poly dynamic. Friends first and a movement to more often seems to work best. Good luck, and ya, in person is best I think. Why not start communication off right.

I also suggest you look at tags like "lessons" and "foundation" to get an idea how you might start off on the right foot.
Thanks Layla & Redpepper. I have read about all the terminology and it is not a triad we want at all. A triangle is what we are looking for, all three of us together at once. A threesome - MFM.
I've looked through a lot on here, trying to start at the beginning, it is quite overwhelming the amount of info!
I am inclined to think like you - start it off face to face. My husband, who has known him longer than I have, thinks it might be off putting for him or make him feel on the spot. I tend to think it will be a little awkward for all of us in the beginning. The potential newbie seems almost asexual in that he doesn't have girlfriends or talk much about love interests...
I guess it boils down to fear of the unknown.
I hoped maybe someone has been propositioned in this way and could say yes, it was nice or no it felt cold.
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