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Default Poly Family

Thanks redpepper and i know the writer was not trying to be mean in any way. i just used the opportunity to remind others that ALL questions are important. i was a HS teacher for 6 years. i taught History to 5 classes a day. the SAME thing 5 times a day. it could get frustrating answering the same questions over and over. i had to remind myself that to Period 5 it was just as new as to those in Period 1. i was bored as i had already answered it 4 times.
This is not the only forum that has that issue. Most do. i have a hard shell and was not offended i assure you. BUT many others would be scared off, offended or hurt. and this is a very personal touchy subject. no one wants people who really need help to be scared away.
So far this forum has been great and i did use the glossary last night and shared it with my partner. So thanks for that!
we actually discussed discussed using the "rules" as a skeleton and making up our own family patterns. What fits and works best for us. But this site has really brought up wonderful discussions and ideas!
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