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Red face

*sigh* <3 Did I mention how much I love these two?

The last couple of days, when I logged onto my computer, I found messages from her telling me that she loves me and hopes I have a great day. I almost cried the first time, it meant so much to me. That helped me feel a lot better. Then tonight I talked to him about how I was feeling, and he seemed to really understand. This was our conversation...

Me: I feel...sad? that you still haven't met my family and don't seem interested in doing so

J: Livvy, hun, I have every interest in meeting your family. I feel sad that I haven't met them either. I still want to, very much so. I just don't let that decide my relationship with you. I've heard about relationship problems when someone focuses more on the family (their own and their partner's, both biological and social) than on the person

Me: no, of course not. that's not what I'm saying...I don't know how to explain it

J: I understand Livvy. You want me to share in your life, not be something seperate.

Me: yes! that's exactly it

J: Bam! I'm psychic.

Me: lol. you mean so much to me. both of you do.

J: We love you Livvy

Me: I know. it's overwhelming sometimes to realize how loved I am, but in a good way. And I love you too...both of you

Not very long, lol, I know. But I feel a million times better about the situation. I think it also got to the root of the problem, which was not really about changing our date plans, but about the way I felt that he didn't want to meet my family and by extension didn't really want to be a part of my life. Now that I realize that's not the case, I feel like I can breathe a lot easier. Thank you guys, for all the advice and support
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