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My definition of love follows in few words:

When a person is in love with somebody, he/she feels a deeper mental connection with the significant other, that is very different (obviously) from physical attraction. That means, even if sexual intercourse doesn't occur, you will still be in love with that person. For me sex is an expression of true love only and can not be degraded. Sex without love can not exist, in my realm at least.


Trust me, even if I am considered too young, I think that my current experiences throughout my life enabled me to recognize true love when I see it. I had a really harsh childhood, for my point of view at least. Some of my classmates were rediculing me of my height (I am really tall) and even tried to pull my trousers off in front of people. That's why I developed an infiriority complex, which Iam still trying to overcome alone among with other problems. There was no one to save me then, to stand up and protect me. Neither my parents. I remember my parents telling me, not to hit other people, even if they did something bad to me. BULLSHIT! I should have kicked their @$$es for what they had done when I had the chance, as an act of self-defence from physical damage and self-respect. I was almost an outcast, with very few friends. Iam a social butterfly now, but I still have few true friends. Even if someone succeed to trick me, I will find it sooner or later and finally add that experience to my memory vault so as not to do the same mistake again. I never said that Iam mature enough. No one will ever be. We get more and more mature through our experiences in life
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