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General update... Life is just kind of chugging along. Our ex-roommate (I'll call her V) is staying with us, she's had some issues with her mom (her mom is diagnosed schizophrenic and known to be violent, so I don't blame her at all). She didn't have many good places to go, so we invited her here till she can get a job and a place of her own. The reason we're ex-roommates is because her social needs are WAYYY higher than mine and Mal's - she wants company 24/7 when Mal and I like a few hours of hanging out and the rest of our days to ourselves. In the past, this created conflict. We're trying to be really aware of this, making plans so she can get out and hang out with other people and Mal and I can get some space, and I'm really hoping it works out without any craziness - I *like* V and would like this time to go better than last time. (Just to be clear, V is a friend, but I'm not remotely interested in anything more with her.)

I'm also a bit torn, because I'd like to talk to V about me (and kind of Mal) being poly, but I don't think I should. I think she'd be accepting, she's one of the most open people I know, but she also has a horrible time keeping confidences. It's pretty common for her to tell very personal revelations about one person to another person for no particular reason. I don't think she means anything by it, she just feels like it's no big deal, even when the first person has made a big deal about not sharing that information. She also told us that she had a bad experience recently with a couple, friends of hers, that wanted a threesome / poly-ish thing with her and weren't taking no for an answer. So even if she would refrain from telling everyone she knows that I'm exploring poly, I'm not sure she'd really want to hear it right now. I think the wise thing to do is to keep my mouth shut; it's just hard when I feel so comfortable talking to her.

Otherwise - I've been pretty busy lately, with my winterim class, and a big project I have at school gearing up, and hanging out with people occasionally. Just keeping an open mind and waiting to see what might happen.
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