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Originally Posted by amaSir View Post
i must respectfully disgree with this a bit. What seems Trivial to you is important knowledge to another. As people explore they start slow. I have been reading, on other sites, books. i did not jump directly into deep philosophical discussions. And many of us are just exploring not even planning on this way of life yet. So ALL information is important. And those who really truly decide to keep studying and learn will find a deeper level of education. And since this is the "newbie" section, yes, you will have repeat questions, and they may bore you and cause old timers eye rolls, but they are NEW and important information to some of us.
I entirely agree and please don't think anyone is bored. We have all been at a beginning and respect that others are too. So please hold off on being frustrated as the intent of posts isn't always what you think.

When I posted last night I had to laugh because I work very hard at tagging and making sure that stickies are available for everyone to find easily. The search engine on here sucks and I am well aware of it. I have been here from the beginning (four months off) and know everything (just about) that has been written on... sometimes I don't bother tagging conversations because they appear to be casual and then they pop up over again a year later, just has yours has and I have to just laugh... not at you, but at the irony...

Anyone can tag thread that they think are important. I suggest tagging them with many words so others can find them and learn also. What I think is important is not what others find important and I want to be as inclusive as possible.

Please carry on... I don't mean to hijack, but just remember to ask if you feel judged as quite often the tone that comes across on posts is not intended as you think.
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