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Originally Posted by lovinhimloviner View Post
I don't think like other people I guess so I thought I would ask your opinion on the bed situation.

My husband's GF lives about an hour away. When she comes over I want her to feel comfortable in our home. The first night she came over I left to go to a friends house for girls night out. I made sure there were clean bed clothes and a couple candles on the headboard. I didn't think a anything about it. She ended up not staying the night because she wasn't sure how the kids would react the next morning. H said she seemed uncomfortable getting into our bed. I felt kind of offended at first. I worried that is why she left. It is just a piece of furniture. All of the love and togetherness feeling comes from having H right there with me. After reading some of the restrictions that have been places on some of the relationships I realize that people have an issue with having others in their bed. I guess what I am asking is where do they sleep while she is here if not in the bed? I just always figured I would take the couch and they could have the bed. I want them to be able to sleep together but I don't want to push her into something she is uncomfortable with.
well me personally i dont care if the lady sleeps in my bed..... the ONLY peice of furniture in the house I dont want nobody to be in much is my CHAIR.... im kinda like archie bunker about my chair lol.
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