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Hello, I wasn't able to find a good thread to hitch on to with my question so I have started a new one. But first, let me jut say, what a great community/resource. I am so glad to have found it. The last week has been a crazy discovery process and this forum was a god-send. I have read a lot on here. You are all so giving of your time and insights.

My husband and I (30 y/o female) are about to attempt a triangle. We didn't go looking for it although we have always desired a third, it has sort of happened organically. After much discussion between the two of us we are having a hard time deciding how to bring the third in to our discussion. He is a close family friend of ours who spends much time with all of us - my husband, my 5 y/o daughter and myself. We all get along famously but the topic of intimacy between three seems so taboo. We are scared!

There is already some chemistry happening between him and I and I beleive he has some sense of our desires but nothing has been said quite explicitly.

Mainly I would like to hear your thoughts on one approach being considered: In an effort to avoid further delay, speak plainly and clearly we are considering e-mailng him initially. We think this could give him a chance to process the idea in private and an in person discussion could happen subsequently if he is interested. Can anyone see any glaring problems with this? I'm sure I have blinders on.
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