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Talking Girlfriend, Co-parent, and Full time student!

Wow. Where to begin?

Please call me Kris. I'm 22 and a bisexual female from the Georgia. I'm new to polyamory myself, but only by name not by concept. The concept of many love has always appealed to me and putting it into practice came naturally.

I have been in many monogynous relationships where something was missing. But at least I have found it.

I've been dating Mike and Jen, a married couple, for going on six months now. We are a triad with Mike and Jen's relationship as the primary relationship and my relationship with both being secondary. I hope in time that we will become a full-blown triad.

They are expecting their first child, a girl, next month. Which I am very excited about. I love kids. And in two weeks time I will be moving cross country from Georgia to Michigan to be with them and their little one. Needless to say I still have quite a bit of packing to do!

On top of all of that I'm in the process of transferring schools and I have jobs to apply to!

Important to know that I helped raise my three younger sisters (all eight to fourteen years younger) and I've moved about 30 times in my life. Growing up like this made me mature beyond my years. So stepping in to help raise my couple's daughter and moving cross country are just another thing to cross off the todo list.

Reading past posts as a guest over the past couple of weeks has eased my mind about issues that I was fretting over. All of the posts that I have read thus far have been nothing but a wonderful gift and have given me insight into the workings of my first poly relationship.
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